1. MB not even trying anymore , when they preform they dont even do yhe dances anymore so yall niggas too good to dance to my girl ? And mrs right? If it wasnt for those songs and of course prod even though he left yall wouldn’t be anywhere yall would have just been a dance group or some shit i and where the hell is the new music because ive been waiting since 2010 to hear the studio version of “The One ” . Yall need to get it together and roc trying to be a thug now i admit ray and prince seem to be staying the same i still think princeton is a bit clueless at times but i dont think hes a bad
    Person every pretty boy thinks they are the shit . Im bored so imma rant

  2. Princeton i just dont think he knows how to handle the fame and these gay rumors with snapshots got me thinking i have alot of gay and bi friends and i dont have anything against it its not my place to judged but even if he is bi i think he may be afraid to come out because his fan base is young but its like he needs to surround himself with accepting people and stop sliding in these ungrateful funny looking. Niggas DMs you better kik that shit .

  3. mindlessbehavior maturing


    it pisses me off! that mindless behavior cant just make songs that dont got nothing to do with popping off and having sex what happened to uh oh ? and my girl? how your sophomore album gotta be about playing people now that i dont respect mindless behavior as artists but i just dont personally agree with they way that they chose to mature

  4. Ray and prince the only ones i fuck with in Mb anymore roc went from elmo and soul food to trying to be a thug nigga you paid chill

  5. Tbh

    To be honest i think mindless behavior is about done i mean no offense but those niggas got they new lead singer from kidz bop like really?

  6. crazy

    its crazy how after prodigy leave MB start showing love to thier fans again after like 2009 but 2012 and early 2012 the fans got NO love 

  7. Idk what to do

    Idk if I should delete since mb broke up

  8. Mjz music

    These bitches.  Needa stop Michael family Don own his music his damn estate and Sony ent does so swerve saying his family gave Justin that music. Cause they can’t give no one some .they don’t own

  9. slave to the rhythm


    justin stop right now lave to the rythm was originally unreleased from MICHAEL JACKSONS  album invincible WHICH WAS RELEASED  AROUND 2001 !! STOP STEALING MICHAELS SONG!!!!!!!!! seriously i love justin bieber and respect him along but this shit has to stop michael jackson fans where are you ?! dont let him steal michaels music !!!!!!!!!!! this shit isnt right and im mad as hell stop the bullshit !!!!! thats michaels work ! and now thats hes dead you tryna take his shit ?!!!

    (Source: wisdomami)

  10. i need a prod anon in my life

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